5-star recruit Kaho seeks release from Washington commitment

Five-star linebacker recruit Ale Kaho has formally asked to be released from his letter of intent with the Washington Huskies, according to The Seattle Times.A family member informed the Times of the news and cited recent family turmoil and Kaho’s health since leaving home as the prime factors.Kaho has been back in Reno, Nev. since returning for the memorial services of an aunt and uncle that passed suddenly. His parents are also said to be going through a divorce, according to a member of Kaho’s family.His family was said to be worried when he returned home 20 pounds lighter than when he left for Seattle. Kaho, who still had one high school class to finish, wasn’t allowed to work out with the team in any official capacity.”He had so much stuff going on right now,” the anonymous family member told the Times. “Football is not even our concern right now. He does not look right. He does not act right. He’s not the same bubbly kid we know.”